loving this Lantana Avocado Hummus, which I get at Publix. It’s a bit spicy and so so good!

2022-02-03 12.57.17

making plans for a trip to St. Louis in April with Rob as he will be attending a conference there.

taking hmm…this one’s hard. I’ve been taking forever to write my “Watching and Listening” post for Jan. I decided to separate the entertainment part out of my Monthly Digest that I do at the end of every month. Hope to get both of those posts ups soon! EDIT –> Watching & Listening Jan. 2022

wanting to feel better. I try really hard not to be a Debbie Downer on here, but my Fibromyalgia lately has been bad as in body aches and headaches, etc. I mean I almost always in pain, but lately they’ve been almost debilitating to the point it affecting my mental health.

wondering if I should take a pottery class this summer. I have seen a few YouTubers lately learning how to use the pottery wheel and make things. It looks like so much fun once you get the hang of it.

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