Dear Drew,

Man, you’ve been gone just over 2 weeks now. I’ve missed you like crazy! It was kinda funny, the Thursday before you left, that evening, I was missing you already and you hadn’t even left yet. Before I left that afternoon to go to work, you and I laid across the bed and looked different pics and videos about Philmont. It’s little memories like that that are so special. Thursday evening during my dinner break, Dad asked you if you were homesick and you said yes, I just laughed knowing the tinge I was feeling in the pit of my stomach from missing you already. Oh well, I digress… It seems like you’ve been gone much longer than 2 weeks…more like months. Getting phone calls from you during the first part of your trip was surprising, but delightful. There’s nothing sweeter than hearing your child’s voice on the end of the line. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip and see all the pictures that you took. I am sure you will be exhausted when you get back, but I’m still anxious to give you a hug. I’m excited that Dad is driving the church van to the airport tomorrow and Alex and I get to tag along. I wonder if you’ll be excited to see us as much as we are to see you. Probably not, but that’s ok. I guess it’s a Momma thing. I’m sure all this sounds uber cheesy to you as a 15 year old boy, but someday you’ll understand.

I’m not the only one who’s missing you…

Daisy waiting for Drew

Anxiously awaiting your return,
Love, Mom