Day at Callaway Gardens

By | June 20, 2013

Last Saturday, our friend, Chris, invited to us to go with him to Callaway Gardens to see the FSU Circus.
FSUcircus6.2013show1 - 03

FSUcircus6.2013show1 - 11

FSUcircus6.2013show1 - 21

After the circus we made it over to the Birds of Prey Show.
BirdsOfPreyShow6.2013 - 19

BirdsOfPreyShow6.2013 - 10

BirdsOfPreyShow6.2013 - 01

After watching the bird show, we decided we’d hand around the area and watch the 2nd showing of the circus. We decided to eat at Fox’s Pizza Den.

When we got back we a little time to kill and Alex had been begging us all day to do the bungee jump, and since he had quit begging us and asked nicely when we got back, we decided to pay the $7 and let him do it.
Alex OnTheBungeeJumper - 08

Alex OnTheBungeeJumper - 10

See more pics from our day here.

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