Carnival Glory:Day 7 & 8:New Orleans

By | March 12, 2023
Carnival Glory:Day 7 & 8:New Orleans
Carnival Glory:Day 7 & 8:New Orleans

Now that we’re done with the bulk of the wedding posts, I thought we could jump back into another Cruise post, because yeah, I’m still sharing about this epic trip! One day, I’ll get caught up! If you missed the last cruise post, here it is> Day 6 Cozumel.

Day 7 was a day at sea and for most people, they were busy packing their things getting ready to disembark for the final time on that cruise. However, for us since we were doing a back to back cruise we were just finishing the 1st ‘leg’ so we didn’t have to worry with that since we were able to book the same cabin.

Here we are with our waiter. He was getting off the ship for vacation so even if we did want to have him for the 2nd week, we couldn’t. He wasn’t great so we weren’t upset.


One really cool experience we had was that evening as we were on the Mississippi River, getting to see another Carnival ship leaving port. We just happened to be outside when we spotted it the distance. It didn’t take long for us to be right next to it and just like that it was gone. We were so close we could hear the movie they were playing on Lido Deck.


On Sunday morning, we got off the ship around 8am. It was super easy. We just needed these items for when we came back. Several disembarking passengers were asking us how and why we didn’t have luggage with us. They were all jealous that we were getting back on later that afternoon and thought it was so cool.


First thing we did was to get on the St. Charles Streetcar Line, which is one of the oldest and most notable lines. It runs from Uptown to the Central Business District. Rob had already purchased the day pass before we got off the ship, so it made it super easy for us to hop on when we got to the trolley.


We were really hungry so our first stop was breakfast. We hopped off near Camelia Grill.



After getting nice and full, we got back on the trolley. You get a lovely view of all the beautiful architecture.



Tulane University is right near Loyola University both in downtown New Orleans. We had never really explored this area, so we got off there and walked around.


This “Bead Tree” is the most photographed item by prospective students on Tulane’s campus. You can find this in the Gibson Quadrangle.


This is an interesting statue on the campus of Tulane. It is the 2nd most photographed ‘thing’ on campus. This sculpture “The Balls” is located between Tilton Memorial Hall and Norman Mayer Memorial. Here is the only information I could find on this sculpture Balls to the Walls



So after riding and walking for a few hours, we were getting hungry again. We knew we could board the ship and just eat ‘for free’ so we headed back to the ship. This process was supposed to be super easy, but the folks there just seemed a little clueless about how it was supposed to work. We ended up having to do almost a full check in, but luckily it didn’t take too long. That was around 2pm.


First thing was to stop at our muster station to get checked off for that. Kind of a bummer, you have to do that with a back to back, but it doesn’t take long.

We had been told that we would have new keys in our mailbox at our cabin. However, when we got there, there were no keys and old keys didn’t work. That meant going to guest services to get new keys printed.

When we were finally able to get into back to the cabin and were surprised to see this little basket and champagne. Such a sweet gesture.


So many cool things about doing a back to back cruise and one of them is while everyone else is wandering around trying to learn the ship, you already know all the good spots!

We went back to watch us sail out of New Orleans down the Mississippi. I highly recommend being out on the front of the ship when leaving New Orleans so you can see the ship turn right next to the Crescent City Connection bridge.


Can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but if you’re ever on the Carnival Glory, bow deck 6 is where to go! So quiet and private. You have to stand up to see, but so worth it.





After watching us leave, I snuck in a little nap before we headed to dinner to see who we’d be sitting with us that week.

Rob had calimari for an appetizer.


I had decided since the menu would be the same as last week, I would try to get some different stuff. I had the Tiramisu for dessert.


After dinner, we watched some of the Welcome Aboard show, then to piano bar for minute, but it was hot in there, so we ended up watching comedy show with Thea Vidale.

Before heading back to our cabin for the night, we went out on deck and watched us leave the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico.

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2 thoughts on “Carnival Glory:Day 7 & 8:New Orleans

  1. Joanne

    Loved seeing some of the sights from New Orleans! I bet you made so many passengers jealous with your back to back cruises.

  2. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Oh, wow. I love New Orleans. What a great place to explore before returning to your ship for the second leg of your trip. That bead tree is so lacy and haunting and beautiful. Haven’t ridden the trolley in New Orleans. Guess we need to go back so I can.


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