Carnival Dream::Day 5 {Roatan} Part 2

By | November 8, 2012

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So if you missed Part 1 of Day 5, you need to go read about it here.

Here’s a few pics from our trip back from the zipline.
-2012-09-05 10.07.39
Seventh Day Adventist Bilingual School

After leaving the zipline, we asked Richard to drive us to “downtown” so we could shop. He took us to this weird strip mall. We noticed while we were there that an excursion group was there, so that’s probably why he thought to bring us there.
They had a store that all they sold was items made out of Mahogany.

We were baffled as to what to tell him to get him to understand the gist of what we wanted to do. So the next thing we requested was to go “into the city to a place to eat lunch.” We drove for a ways and finally ended up in the city. He brought us to Bay Side Restaurante.

-2012-09-05 10.49.16

-2012-09-05 10.49.10

Lunch was really good and quite plentiful.
-2012-09-05 10.56.35

-2012-09-05 11.14.20

-2012-09-05 11.14.24

-2012-09-05 11.14.26

-2012-09-05 11.00.14

-2012-09-05 11.11.34

-2012-09-05 11.08.39

-2012-09-05 11.08.09

After lunch we told Richard we were going to walk around a little. We always like to go to grocery stores at port. It’s always a learning experience. We noticed Eldon’s Supermarket, so we went in to check it out.
-2012-09-05 12.22.32

Pit bull energy drink
-2012-09-05 12.06.07

Canela, or as we call it Cinnamon
-2012-09-05 12.08.43
We bought some different flavored 20 oz. drinks and mosied on our way.

We walked down a ways and found a good place to walk down to get a different view of the water. As we walked we noticed some buildings made out of aluminum.
-2012-09-05 12.29.50

I was snapping pics of them, when Rob was like, “That is where people live! I can’t believe you’re taking pictures.” My response, “Ooops. Didn’t realize those were homes.”
-2012-09-05 12.30.22

-2012-09-05 12.31.03crop3

We stopped in at a couple souvenir shacks, purchased a couple “Roatan” toys and then hunted down Richard.
-2012-09-05 12.17.35crop

He wasn’t far from the taxi. So as we were walking back to the car, I tried to ask him if he could bring us to the “prettiest place to take photos” while pointing at my camera. It took him a few seconds to process and then he was like “oooooohhhh, yes, I take you up to top.”
-2012-09-05 12.58.41

I thought he did good!
-2012-09-05 12.50.19

We were pretty tired after all the walking and ziplining, so we asked Richard to bring us back to port. I took a few more pics on the way back.
-2012-09-05 12.28.57

-2012-09-05 12.26.39crop

When we got back to port we paid Richard and sent him on his way. We decided to check out the rest of Mohagany Bay, which consents of a really nice, large shopping area and a beach with food, bars, etc.
-2012-09-05 13.21.52CROP

In the port area, there’s a Fat Tuesday with lots of cool things to take pictures with. This was one of my favs!
-2012-09-05 13.37.47

After walking over to the beach, we decided to go back to the ship to get our swimsuits on and come back to enjoy the beach.
2012-09-05 13.38.03

-2012-09-05 14.50.57

-2012-09-05 14.46.58

-2012-09-05 15.51.26

-2012-09-05 15.44.50

Of course, when we got back on board it was off to the next port and for us off to dinner.

Beautiful views as we waved good bye.
-2012-09-05 16.55.11

That evening at dinner we ate:
Alex enjoyed:
old fashioned chicken noodle soup
fresh fruit
grilled flat iron steak
ice cream or sherbet

Drew enjoyed:
old fashioned chicken noodle soup
fresh fruit
grilled flat iron steak
old fashioned apple pie

Rob enjoyed:
chicken tenders marinated in thai spices
lasagna bolegnese (starter)
petite filet mignon and brased boneless short-rib
shrimp and fries
old fashioned apple pie

I enjoyed:
chicken tenders marinated in thai spices
lasagna bolegnese (starter)
petite filet mignon and brased boneless short-rib
chocolate, raspberry and vanilla cream cake wtih vanilla ice cream

After dinner the waiters danced and sang for us and the boys even got pulled into the fun.
-2012-09-05 18.34.55

Towel animal #5
-2012-09-05 18.52.10

After dinner, Alex, Drew, and I went to the dance class to learn part of the dance steps to Michael Jackson’s Thriller! (I wasn’t miserable in these pics, just super tired.) Rob went up into the balcony of the Encore Theater and took these pics.

See more pics from the second half of our day here.

TONS more pics from Day 5 here.

Here’s the Fun Times Newsletter for Day 5!

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