Carnival Dream::Day 8 {Disembarkation & Daytona}

By | December 27, 2012

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At port in Port Canaveral
-2012-09-08 06.53.53

On the last day of the cruise, you get up, eat breakfast, and head to the location where you sit until your tag number is called. You see here that our tag number was 34. We came to realize we were the 2nd to last group to be called. How did we get that lucky? We have no idea. **sarcasm**
-2012-09-07 13.53.10

Once your number is called you disembark and go into a large room where your luggage has been sitting since right after docking in the middle of the night. Drug dogs have meandered through rows and rows of bags sniffing out anything that shouldn’t be going home with you. We found our luggage and headed to the line for customs. As we went that way we discovered that we had piled up too much luggage on to our largest piece and the wheel had broken, so Rob had to drag it while in line. Checking out with customs went smoothly and then we waited for our shuttle to take us to the hotel where our car was parked. At this point, everyone is just ready to unload everything and head home, but the shuttle folks didn’t seem to think that way and only sent one shuttle at a time. It’s first come first serve, so we had to wait a little longer.

We hopped in the car and headed north. We decided to stop in Daytona Beach, FL to eat lunch and let the kids see what the Atlantic Ocean is like.
-2012-09-08 11.39.01double

-2012-09-08 11.41.23yestercolor

We ate lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack right on the beach.
-2012-09-08 11.41.34

-2012-09-08 13.19.39

-2012-09-08 11.54.50

After lunch, the boys got their swimsuits on so they could get in the water for a few minutes.
-2012-09-08 12.57.08

-2012-09-08 13.33.20

The boys were amazed by the huge waves. As Rob and I stood there and watched “up come a bad cloud” and the waves continued to get bigger and the riptide got stronger. We pulled the boys out and just as we were on our way to the car it started raining.

-2012-09-08 13.30.17

-2012-09-08 13.19.53

2012-09-08 13.57.47

The storm seamed to follow us for a good ways.
2012-09-08 18.32.05

We weren’t happy to be home really and having a mouse run across the floor minutes after walking through the door was not a welcoming site. It was only the beginning of what turned out to be a couple very stressful months of dealing with water leaks and rodents!

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