Win with Grace? Lose with dignity

By | November 24, 2012

Drew’s high school, AHS made it to the 3rd round of the playoffs. Drew has been super excited that they continue to win, as he really wanted to perform (marching band) at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Unfortunately, that dream came to a grinding halt tonight. They had to play their rivals, OHS. AHS played horribly. Being out-coached, coming out cocky, and expecting the same play to work ever time is not a formula for a win in the playoffs, especially against your arch rival. High school rivalries can get pretty nasty. At the buzzer, I watched as the much of the OHS team ran over to our side to taunt the AHS fans by making rude gestures. Then, trashing our field by tearing up the rally signs that the AHS cheerleaders had made before the game. I looked around to see what the coaches were doing. I’m just stood there watching the players “show themselves.” Then, I see one of the coaches walk over to the signs that had blown further to the center of the field. My first thought was “he’s actually picking those up? Why doesn’t he make the players do it?” Then, I thought, “Well, at least he’s picking it up.” But then, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He actually tore off a section of one of the signs, and proceeded to put it in his pocket! I’m just beyond words.

As if it weren’t bad enough having your season end at the hand of your rival, but then, have them pour salt in the wounds by having such poor sportsmanship and coaches that don’t expect more from their team. As far as I could tell, our team lost with dignity. But win with grace? No, OHS, you didn’t…and that’s sad.

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