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Here’s a couple pics from Saturday and Sunday when we went camping.


Our weekend started with Alex’s baseball game in Auburn at 9:30 am. We booked it out of there, back home to finish packing for our camping/soccer trip up in Birmingham. We had to have Drew on the field at 1:00. We made it with no issues and even had time to run through a drive-thru. After Drew’s victorious soccer game, we followed the Farrows to Oak Mountain State Park. Praying that they had a place for us tent camp, we were shocked to find out there was only RV camping areas, but since it was after 4:00 we took it. We got camp set up and then headed to dinner. Ben suggested Dale’s Grill that was good Southern cooking. We made sure to save room for s’mores later on in the evening. We made a quick stop at Wal-Mart and then back to camp to get the fire going. Our 2 Boy Scouts got the fire going in no time. The temperature was dropping slowly but surely, so we all gathered around and began roasting our marshmallows for the smores. We also made hot cocoa. After that we hurried to our tents to get some shut-eye before the rest of the campers around us returned from the nearby concert.

Sunday morning the temperature dropped near the high 30’s, so we were happy to find Rob had gotten a fire going.

Camping at Oak Mountain

More hot chocolate was enjoyed.

Camp was torn down and packed up.

Camping at Oak Mountain

Off to Waffle House so our 2 soccer players could “carb up”! The 1st game started at 10, where we, unfortunately, came out with a loss. We ate lunch at Baumhower’s. We wasted time by letting the kids run around at the Sonic playground, where it ended up getting pretty warm with the sun, so we diverted over to the McDonald’s down the street. Then, at 3:30 we headed back to the fields for the last game of the weekend! Exhausted at this point, we were just glad to get it over and head home! We stopped at Popeyes for some chicken and red beans & rice.

Although tiring, the weekend was a great one! We enjoyed hanging out with 4 out of the 6 Farrows!

Camping at Oak Mountain

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