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By | April 21, 2011

111/365.2011 {Give Blood}

Today I was able to mark off another of my goals in my 101 in 1001 list! It was also a very important one. Today I gave blood for the 1st time. Here’s the run down of the time frame for giving blood and sense it was my 1st doing it, I was extra cautious to make sure I did what they recommended before hand!

9:30 Started drinking my water 16 oz.
11:00 Ate lunch
11:25 Headed over to Campus
11:35 Walked to the Student Union
11:45 Signed in
11:50 Read the informational binder
12:00 Got called back to:
Take temperature
Take blood pressure
Take pulse
Answer questions (via computer)
12:20 Got comfy in my donor chair
Got some apple juice
Watched the nurse label on the tubes and bags
Nurse rinsed the spot on my arm with iodine for 30 seconds
Needle is inserted and blood is drawn for about 10 minutes
12:40 Bag was full. Remaining blood in tube was emptied in to about 6 test tubes. Got my arm cleaned off and very tightly bandaged up.
12:45 Got my snack and T-shirt and headed home!

It wasn’t bad at all. I started getting just a bit light-headed near the end, but the nurses do a great job of making sure you have juice and are feeling ok. It truly is an amazing feeling to know that just a small act can help save up to 3 lives!

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