4th of July Trip 2022

By | August 8, 2022

Today I’m sharing with you our trip to the mountains for the 4th of July this year. We stayed about 3 miles north of the GA/NC border. Here’s a link to the cabin we stayed at >>> Evolve Vacation Rentals. Here are the highlights of our trip.

Here the boys are on the ground level floor playing pool.

Bigsby had a big day of travel so he was chillin’ not to far from Drew & Caitlyn.

We started a hike at Piney Knob – The Grape Smuggler, which is a 2.1-mile inner loop trail.

Lunch at Chophouse

On top of the mountain near where we were staying we saw this small heard of dear. See the baby? So cute! We saw lots of dear in the neighborhood where are cabin was, which was really cool.

Part of the family hadn’t been up to Bell Mountain, so we drove up there to take in the views.

We always have to go to Brasstown Bald (the highest point in Georgia) when in that area. Some of us hiked up to the top and some of rode the shuttle. We weren’t happy with the recent fee changes there. They now charge per person (instead of by car load) and the fee includes the shuttle up. Why charge for that when many people will hike? Shouldn’t we be encouraging people to be active, not the other way around?

Lunch at Papa’s Pizza to Go. Then, we had wanted to go to a winery, but when we got there they were having a festival with no tastings that day. That was a bummer, so some of us went back to the cabin and the rest of us did a few more things before heading back.

We stopped in Blairesville, to see if there would be anything to come back and see or do.

Dinner was steak, potatoes, and corn.

Drew made a camp fire for us. Being the great Eagle Scout that he is, he is a great fire maker, but the wood we had picked up for almost free did not want to burn. He worked at the fire for a good long while. It finally took! Here’s a pick of Nick waiting to make s’mores.

Kayleigh had a blast playing with toads

On the 4th of July, we did a little shopping in the Murphy downtown area.

We were in an antique store and they had many old toys that brought back so many memories. This was one of my favorite toys growing up. I loved all the artsy stuff when I was little. I loved to play school and draw. Anyone else have this growing up?

Then, we went over to the festival where there are food vendors as well as handful of craft vendors. A certain point they announce that an airplane will fly low and drop peanuts. If you find a painted peanut, you can turn it in for a money prize. We were on the wrong side of the field and weren’t anywhere near where the peanuts were dropped…oh well.

We did enjoy a strawberry lemonade and a funnel cake.

We went to a burger restaurant for lunch. We had burgers, baked beans, and corn for dinner. Everything was really taste and we were full for a good long while after.


Part of the family went outside and watched fireworks in the distance. I enjoyed playing pool with Alex again. Well, I’m terrible at it, but I relish any time I get with that one.

The next morning we had to pack and clean the cabin and be out by 10am.

Rob, Nick, Alex, and I stopped at Crane Creek Vineyards

Lunch at a lovely Dine In Family Restaurant we found and decided to stop at on the way. Really good food!

We stopped in Elijay to have ice cream at the place we went to last year, but they were closed. We found Abby’s that’s fro-yo.

This is Alex’s.

As we made our way through Atlanta, my car started making this beating noise. It kept getting louder and louder. When we got about an hour from home, we finally pull off to get gas and look at it. We couldn’t see anything except that the back tire didn’t look good when you watched it from the back as Rob drove it. We took back roads home so we could go slower. We dropped it off at the shop that night and found out the next morning it was a separated tire.

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  1. Tanya

    I’m so thankful the tire didn’t cause a road breakdown or accident for you! That little chalkboard set – YES, I had it and loved it. I was playing teacher at a young age. Hope you’re having a good week.

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