According to Harvard Health Publishing, frequently eating fried foods puts people (especially women) at a 13% risk of premature death. Healthy cooking does not translate into gourmet eating. On the contrary, it refers to basic cooking methods that preserve nutrients and provide optimum nourishment for your body. Even more essential is adopting these healthier cooking techniques earlier to get used to them.

3 Cooking Methods for Healthier Living

Grilling is a cooking method that places food (especially meats) over a direct heat source. This technique allows sizzling fat to drip away from the food being grilled. Usually done over charcoal or propane, you have the option of adding a little amount of healthy oil (or not) to quicken the cooking process. Fortunately, you can cook a wide range of foods by grilling, so you do not lose out on the many healthy meal varieties.

Now, because traditional grilling is usually done outdoors, some people may not like the idea of continually cooking in the open. However, there are indoor grill appliances that you can use to cook specific meals that require this cooking method. All it takes is to follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual. The Ninja Foodi Grill is one such example. With this grilling appliance, you can try your hands at various ninja foodi grill recipes that offer you taste, nutrition, and easy-to-cook meal options.

It is also worth noting that because grilling exposes food to direct heat, it can produce some cancer-causing compounds called heterocyclic amines. To stop this from happening, always try to place the food on the grill’s sides instead of the center. If your grill is temperature-controlled, cook your animal protein sources under 325°F (162°C).

3 Cooking Methods for Healthier Living

Steaming is another healthy cooking method. With this method, you’re allowing the steam from a water source underneath the food to cook it. According to American and global nutritionists, this cooking technique is the best for retaining critical food nutrients. To get a proper hang of steaming, you will need a steaming basket or a freestanding vegetable steamer.

A popular technique used by gourmet chefs is to season the water or the liquid used to steam their fish. As the water heats up, the fish soaks up the flavor-infused vapor and enhances its aroma. Additionally, water boils at 212°F (100°C), so you can be assured that the steamed food you eat is not over-cooked and does not deny you of essential nourishment.

3 Cooking Methods for Healthier Living

Low fat cooking
Indeed, it is impossible to eliminate fat from the human diet because the body requires a healthy amount of it to function correctly. Here are some healthy fats and low-fat cooking ideas. For stir-fry meals, pour a little oil into your pan and spread it around with a pastry brush. Then, toss in your vegetables or lean meat. It cooks quicker and contains more moisture than grease.

For your sauces or soups, opt for low-fat milk or yogurt and not cream or cornstarch. Evaporated skimmed milk is also a healthier choice for you. According to high-profile chefs, using the right amounts of these healthier alternatives will generate the same delicious taste and aroma for your foods.

As you already know, saturated fats are dangerous to the body. Besides, regular consumption of these unhealthy fats can lead to clogged arteries and subsequently lead to cardiovascular disease. I hope these simple cooking methods will help you as many of us strive to eat and live healthily in this new year!