Happy New Year! I’ve seen so many people saying how they can’t wait till 2021 and how they seem think that with the flip of the calendar year that everything will be back to “normal.” While I hope that this year is much better than last year and we can slowly start to return to some normalcy with the vaccine getting more and more available as the year goes on, I don’t think that today is just going to all of sudden have everything ‘perfect!’ Am I the only one who is being ‘real’ about this?

I haven’t had a lot of time to think about the new year when it comes to goal setting, etc. I usually don’t start planning for the new year until a few days before the New Year or even the first week of January.

The last several years I have used this easy to use goal setting sheet. However this year I wanted to change it up. I decided on 6 main areas of life that I could categorize my goals for this year: Health, Finances, Relationships, Personal Growth, Fun, and Home. I also made the same sheet with blanks in case any of you wanted to use different categories. Click on the picture to download a PDF version of each printable.

Color versions
2021 Goals Color - PDF

2021 Goals Color Blank - PDF

Black and White versions

2021 Goals - BW - Blank - PDF