2019 Summer Wrap Up

By | October 13, 2019

I can’t believe it’s mid October, but alas here is my 2019 Summer Wrap Up!

Every year I enjoy looking back at everything we did over the summer and I thought I’d put one together for this year.

I usually start these posts with the run down of May. I did my weekly summary posts up through June 22nd, so here’s the links for those.
May 5-11
May 12-18
May 19-June 22

After the guys got back from Omaha, it was time to get Alex ready for Boy Scout Summer camp. They went up to Camp Rainey Mountain in Clayton, GA. Rob didn’t go this year, so since Drew was away for his internship and Alex being at summer camp, Rob and I had a week of no kids.
2019-06-23 07.56.16

That week Rob had to go out of town for work. He and some coworkers went to Mobile to scout out a possible place for a conference they are planning. They had the pleasure of meeting the Azalea Trail Maids.
2019-06-25 14.16.29

One night while fast asleep there was a massive crashing sound right near my bed. I turned on the light to see what the matter was this is what I saw. All my closet shelving had come crashing down. Luckily none of the boxes that were stacked on top landed one me! We have since repaired and reinforced everything!
2019-07-26 21.34.02

When the guys were in Omaha, I had did a thorough cleaning and reorganizing of my bathroom. I purchased all new towels and had also ordered a new shower curtain, which I saw in a bathroom remodeling magazine, so here’s a pic of that. I really like the black with the green tiles. Yes, my house still has tile from the 60’s and yes, I don’t mind it. Maybe one day we will do a bathroom remodeling or install hot tubs, but I like the little face lift.
2019-08-03 09.51.49

We went to visit Drew at his internship in Wyoming and made a vacation out of it. We visited Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. At some point, I’ll get the posts for that trip up, but I’m still working on my posts from the Seattle trip.

We had our annual BSA Troop 50 Chill at the Lake. Alex was zonked after a lot of swimming, losing his glasses in the lake, and then swimming more trying to find them. Luckily I already had his annual eye appointment set for that next week!
2019-07-27 15.24.56

Alex got his learner’s permit!
2019-08-06 14.08.13

Alex started 10th grade. First year at the high school.

Here’s Drew on his last 1st day of Fall!
2019-08-19 07.08.47-1

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