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If you are fed up with chasing the summer season, and you are looking for a cooler approach to a vacation, you can’t get much colder than Canada! And while we can go for the bigger destinations in Canada, let’s opt for Prince Edward Island. And no, it’s got nothing to do with the royal Prince Edward, just in case you were wondering! While it’s Canada’s smallest province, there is plenty to do there! It’s got a very relaxed vibe, and, due to its affiliation with Anne of Green Gables, you can’t escape the impact this literary character has over the island. But there are still other things to do.

This is the second-largest city in the province, and is the main focus for the western part of the island. You are spoilt for choice with the various attractions, from Linkletter Provincial Park, to the International Fox Museum and Hall of Fame. But, head to the Wyatt Historic House Museum and get insights into the artifacts collected by the Wyatt family over two centuries. It certainly provides a feast for the eyes and ears! If you want to explore the western part of the island, there are plenty of places to stay near Summerside, PEI including Summerside Shores, which provides various facilities for all types of people, from an exercise room, business center, as well as a complimentary breakfast! Afterward, head to the Summerside farmers market, and spend some time relaxing with some fantastic sweet treats.

Cavendish Beach
To the north of the island, Cavendish is the place for quiet contemplation. If you’re looking for your fill of Anne of Green Gables oriented history, the white heritage house where the author Lucy Maud Montgomery was born is just outside in New London. But if you are looking for somewhere to kick back and relax, there are plenty of campgrounds, beaches, and quaint cottages. Go to Brackley, and enjoy it as a pristine part of the Prince Edward Island National Park. A beautiful sight to behold, and forms part of the gulf shore parkway.

The capital of the island, if you want to get a proper handle on this place, the best way to explore is on foot. There are plenty of places to visit, from Provence House to St. Dunstan’s Basilica, as well as the beautiful Victoria Road. It’s so easy to get lost in the beauty of the tree-lined streets, but that’s not to say that it’s just quaint. There are plenty of restaurants and shops, galleries, and traditional pubs to enjoy. If you’re looking for somewhere to go and enjoy a beer, the Churchill Arms provides a very British spectacle. There’s also plenty of fantastic eateries. If you are keen on fish, go to Water Street Fish & Chips, and feast on battered haddock! But if it is not your thing, and you want something a little bit more market, Terre Rouge is one of the highlights of fine dining without a doubt.

Small it may be, but it is most certainly a fabled place! Despite its association with Anne of Green Gables, you don’t need to have read this literary classic to enjoy the island in all of its splendor!