Zoo Atlanta

By | August 19, 2014

Another item on our to do list in Atlanta was the zoo. We’ve never been to Zoo Atlanta, well Rob has, but it’s been years ago. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Here’s some highlights from our afternoon there.

Zoo Atlanta

The zoo covers 40+ acres of which most of it is has nice shaded areas with lots of trees. I enjoyed the fact that many of the exhibits could be viewed from several different angles. That’s always important when you’re trying to find where some of the animals may be hiding.

The panda exhibit is like nothing I’ve seen before. There are 7 pandas that live their; 3 of which were on exhibit for us to see the day we were there. They were so entertaining. Here you see my boys standing in front of the exhibit where these 2 pandas played and put on quite a show for all those watching.

Here’s the 3rd panda that we watched. He was very busy eating some delicious bamboo.

And you know I love tigers!

Lots of fun photo op boards all around the zoo.

I adore giraffe every time we see them at a zoo.

Lots of super cool birds. Zoo Atlanta is the home to 50 bird species, including the world’s 8

Willie B was the face of zoo Atlanta for nearly 40 years. Here’s the tribute they have for him near the gorilla exhibit.

Lots of really cool amphibians and reptiles. They are currently raising money to build a new indoor/outdoor Amphibian & Reptile Complex, which will be really awesome.

The boys had fun climbing the rock wall and the canopy climber. As a family we also enjoyed the train and the carrousel.

Zoo Atlanta is a little on the high side as far as admission prices go. However, our tickets were included on the City Pass. Regardless, its a great zoo!




4 thoughts on “Zoo Atlanta

  1. Fatima

    Looks like you had a great time! I would love to go to a zoo. It’s been years since I’ve been. When I go to ATL to visit my brother, I definitely will visit!

  2. Destiny

    Atlanta zoo is my favorite! I can spend so much time just standing and staring at the animals! The elephants and giraffes mesmerize me!

  3. Mary

    The zoo is such an amazing place. All of God’s creatures, up and close. I can only imagine seeing through a child’s eyes (other than my past, haha).


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