What’s Up Wednesday ~ February 2021

By | February 24, 2021

It’s once a gain rolling down to the end of another month! The older I get the more time flies…That’s kinda scary! Today I’m linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What’s Up Wednesday.

What's Up Wednesday - February 2021

What We’re Eating
I found more steaks in the back of the freezer earlier this month and since it was cold and dreary outside, I encouraged Rob to try cooking them inside instead of out on the grill. I guess some of you folks call that a BBQ. Down here in the south we BBQ is a meat you eat not a way of cooking. Anyway, that was probably my favorite meal that we had a home.

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Anytime I go to Publix, I find myself over in the deli looking and dips and hummus. They always have such a huge variety. I ended up getting this Mexicali Dip. A local restaurant here in town called Niffer’s has a sauce by the same name, so it made me extra curious. This dip is amazing, but nothing like the sauce that Niffer’s has.

2021-02-19 17.35.58
What I’m Reminiscing About


There was a reminder on FB recently that 10 years ago was when the famous Toomer’s corner trees were poisoned. It was such a very sad and shocking time for the Auburn family. Here’s several posts I wrote during that time>>>Toomer’s Oaks

What I’m Loving
I am finally able to love the new carpet we got installed yesterday! The carpet we had upstairs was unsightly. Just stained and ugly and could really use a carpet cleaning service, such as carpet cleaning asheville. Not really soft or cushy. This new carpet is wonderful!

What We’ve Been Up To
Planning Spring Break. Dealing with the carpet install fiasco. Scheduling a carpet cleaning service with newport carpet cleaners. I’ve been doing lots of organizing in the kitchen. I’ve spent way to much money on plastic containers. I need to just leave it be for awhile. It’s much more organized than it was, but there is more I’d like to do. However, my wallet is screaming at me to stop! I also planted my seeds for the spring. I need to finish cleaning out my containers and have them all ready to go. House cleaning in Vancouver has been helping me in keeping my home clean.

What I’m Dreading
Nothing in particular.

What I’m Working On
I’m still working on going through all the scanned photos. I try to edit and upload 50 pics a day. However, it can get quite tedious and I find myself burnt out with it. I just keep thinking that even if I don’t get 50 done each day at least try to do a few so I’m continuing to make progress and so I don’t forget about them again!

What I’m Excited About
I am excited about Spring Break. We finally have a plan in place. We’re doing our trip down to Florida for a little Spring Training. What a pain to get tickets this year! Drew won’t be going with us because he can’t miss work. We’re letting Alex bring a friend and we’re letting them go to Busch Gardens a couple days while we’re down there, because Alex isn’t much of a baseball fan.

What I’m Watching/Reading/Listening
I’ll answer this in my Memories of the Month post in the coming days.

What I’m Wearing
Today I’m wearing my Jekyll Island tshirt and my favorite Old Navy Mid-Rise Jogger Pants for Women. So comfy!

What I’m Doing This Weekend
Rob and Drew will be in Texas for an AU Baseball Tournament. Alex and I will get some mom/son time and hopefully I can make some progress on getting the living room cleared out. This is all the stuff from all the nooks and crannies and closets from clearing out upstairs for carpet.

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month
Spring Break!

What Else is New That’s all folks! What else is new with you?

In case you missed last month…January’s What’s Up Wednesday

9 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday ~ February 2021

  1. Marilyn

    So true about the BBQ! That is exciting to get new carpet and going to watch baseball for spring training. We wanted to get tickets for a single regular game, but so far, it looks like those are not for sale. Have a good day!

    1. Lysha Post author

      Yeah, I think a lot of teams are currently selling season tickets for the regular season.

  2. Joanne

    So glad you finally got your carpet installed! Hope you have lots of fun on spring break. We loved Busch Gardens.

  3. Natasha

    I’m SOOOOOO envious that you get to go to Spring Training. I so want to do that someday. When Covid is over/under control/we’re all vaccinated. Also, YAY that your carpet finally got installed!!!

    1. Lysha Post author

      I thought about you when I was writing this. My husband is beyond himself that we actually got some tickets.

  4. Jinjer

    I just read the sad, sad story about the trees. I think you said an arrest was made? What happened to the sick person who poisoned the trees? What does the corner look like today?

    1. Lysha Post author

      Yes, the guy who did had to ‘pay restitution’ which I’m not sure what that ended up being. He actually passed away recently. I know the university spent millions. Luckily, good came out of it and they redid the entire Sanford Lawn and put even more descendants trees along a walk way that was made. The corner was also redone and has now 2 new trees there. Of course they’re smaller, but they are descendants from the originals.

      Here’s the webcam: https://www.auburnalabama.org/web-cameras/toomers-corner/ The 2nd webcam has a little bit better view of the new trees. Next time I’m walking around down there, I’ll grab some current pics.

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