Week 42 [2021]

By | October 25, 2021

Another week down! Here’s Week #42 which covers Oct. 18-24th, 2021. This last week was interesting.

My blood sugar has run a tad high for the last few years. This week my doc had me try Metformin, but it made me feel terrible so I couldn’t continue that anymore. Thursday, I went to the dr to try the once a week shot called Ozempic. The nurse was like, well you have to be able to test your blood, which I’ve never done before. He showed me how to put the FreeStyle Libre 2 System on and I downloaded the app on my phone. So I have this monitor on the back of my arm, which I can open the app and it will read my blood sugar levels anytime I want to see how it is. Much better than pricking my finger. However, after checking to see how much it will cost out of pocket after insurance, I’m really hoping I don’t have to continue using this because it is still kind of pricey.

2021-10-21 14.44.23

Earlier in the week we had a super foggy morning.

2021-10-22 06.51.15

While shopping with Alex, I saw this shirt and thought Rob would appreciate it, because he’s not a big fan of cats.

2021-10-22 18.43.27

I still enjoy hanging out with Katniss especially when she’s super sweet and sits in my lap.

2021-10-20 21.24.12

Alex went to homecoming, which you can read about here >>>> Homecoming 2021

Sunday, I had a terrible migraine with excruciating neck pain, so I was in bed most of the afternoon. Rob headed back to church for an evening and he caught this sunset photo! Amazing!

2021-10-24 18.06.32

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