Healthy Cooking Gadgets Everyone Needs

By | October 26, 2021

We all understand the benefits of eating healthy. Many of us choose not to simply because cooking healthy meals takes more time and effort. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. By investing in some gadgets for your kitchen, you can make healthy cooking a lot easier. Below are some of the healthy cooking gadgets that everyone needs.


Healthy Cooking Gadgets Everyone Needs
When it comes to creating soups, smoothies, and homemade juices, a blender is a must have tool. These tools can quickly dice and mix together any ingredients you may have. It’s much less messy and tiring than mixing by hand.

Blenders are available in all different sizes and prices. Small compact blenders are ideal if you don’t want to keep your blender on your countertop. However, these blenders may not be able to fit in as many ingredients. The most expensive blenders are typically the most long-lasting and may have an array of settings such as different speeds and possibly even heating options for making soups. Read reviews of blenders online in order to find the best ones.


Healthy Cooking Gadgets Everyone Needs
Vegetable Steamer
Steaming vegetables tends to be healthier than boiling vegetables, because less nutrients are lost when you steam vegetables. In order to steam vegetables, you’ll need to buy a steamer.

The most common option is to use a two part pot that is placed on the stove – the bottom pot contains the water and the top pot contains the vegetables. For more controlled steam-cooking, it’s possible to use an electric steamer, which will help to get the consistency of your vegetables just right. This electric device typically takes up more space, so bear this in mind if you don’t have much countertop/storage space in your kitchen.


Cooking tator tots in the Air Fryer
Air Fryer
We all know that deep fried food is very unhealthy. But what if you’re craving some fried chicken or french fries? A healthy alternative is to use an air fryer. Instead of immersing food in oil, air frying involves using only a small amount of oil. Hot air does most of the cooking, helping to create a crispy layer much like you get when deep frying.

There are a few different air fryers on the market that are worth comparing. Some great healthy air fried foods to try include air fryer sweet potato fries and air fryer cauliflower tots. You can find plenty of other recipes online.


Healthy Cooking Gadgets Everyone Needs
Salad Spinner
Do your homemade salads always end up soggy? An easy way to remove this excess water is to use a salad spinner or salad tosser. Simply put all the ingredients of your salad in and spin it to remove all the excess liquid.

You’ll find lots of different types of salad spinner for sale. Some salad spinners double up as a portable salad bowl, which could be useful if you want to take a salad to work or on a day out. All in all, they’re certain to inspire you to eat more salad.



Healthy Cooking Gadgets Everyone Needs
Vegetable Chopper
Chopping up vegetables can be a chore. Fortunately, there are a number of devices out there that can more easily chop up your veg. These work by putting vegetables into a container. A lid with blades on it is pressed down onto the vegetables, which cuts them into small chunks.

Certain choppers may come with different blade options for different vegetables or for different sizes. They’re a great device for vegetables such as onions, carrots, and peppers.


Healthy Cooking Gadgets Everyone Needs
Vegetable Spiralizer
If you eat a lot of noodles or pasta and want to cut back on carbs, a vegetable spiralizer could be a tool worth investing in. This tool helps to cut vegetables into long thin noodle-like shapes that could be perfect for your next stir fry or pasta dish. You can even make homemade potato fries using these devices.

Most spiralizers use the same mechanism, but it’s worth reading reviews to compare robustness – cheaper spiralizers may not last as long.


Healthy Cooking Gadgets Everyone Needs
Portion scales
Do you have a habit of over portioning your food? Portion scales can help you to determine exactly how much of a certain food you should be cooking so that you don’t go overboard. They can be great for portioning foods like rice, pasta and meat. These scales typically have settings that allow you to enter the name of the food and the amount of people you’re cooking. You can then portion out your food onto the scale based on the target weight.

You can compare these scales online. Some are more high-tech than others and may be better suited for measuring very specific foods.

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