Here’s a few pics from this last week…January 24-30, 2022

One day this week, I got to work early and snapped this shot as I walked in.
2022-01-24 06.02.06

I got a text from Drew saying he wanted a poster of the mock up Sports Illustrated cover that has been circulating on social media since we went #1. We have plotters at work so here it is printing.

2022-01-25 08.42.27

On Tuesday, we celebrated Drew’s birthday, since Rob was still supposed to quarantine on his birthday.

2022-01-25 19.15.05

2022-01-26 12.55.48

Got to have lunch with one of my former students since he’s moved back to Auburn. Love when my former student workers keep in touch.

2022-01-27 12.18.10

We kept the granddogs while Drew and Caitlyn went car shopping.

Bigsby sneaks in to the guest room and gets on the bed. Got to remember to close the door when he’s here.

2022-01-29 10.07.54

Buster is the more low maintenance dog, but he’s 15 so what can you say.

2022-01-29 17.27.28

They came back with a new to them car that they purchased a couple states away!

2022-01-30 13.41.41

Rob and I used our gift card for our couple’s massage with hot stones at the end. We both joked afterwards that we’ve never had our butt rubbed so much! After that we went out for Mexican and margaritas. Fun night!

2022-01-27 18.52.30