Week 36 September 6-12, 2021
Hey yall! Last week was rough and its continuing on into this week. Unfortunately, I can’t go into details. I would covet your prayers for my family during this time. All this goes back to May when we had a family emergency and last week ended up having another emergency of sorts.

My brain is full.

Running thoughts.

Uneasy stomach.

Fear of the unknown.


We are all consumed by what’s going on in the family. However, for my own sanity I have to take breaks from it and distract myself with TV or doing other things…like writing this quick post.

So here’s all the things that have been a little less stressful!

Over labor day weekend, we did some house projects. One was replacing this sink/vanity in the guest bathroom…

2021-09-05 16.50.20

Now it looks like this…

2021-09-08 11.04.36

Need to fix the wall and put in a toe kick to cover up all that ugliness.

We patched the wall in the kitchen behind our sideboard table. Then started figuring out what color we want to paint the wall.

2021-09-06 18.27.02

Saturday Rob and I went to the Auburn game.

2021-09-11 10.28.07

For several weeks, we’ve had plans to go to the Braves game.

2021-09-12 10.55.03

2021-09-12 12.20.03

Braves beat the Marlins!

2021-09-12 15.38.29