Week 29-30:2023

By | August 1, 2023

Here’s a run down of happenings from July 20-30…

I got these while in New Jersey at Trader Joe’s. So yummy!

2023-07-20 10.53.16

I picked one of these up somewhere along our trip and found it to be really good. My new favorite sparkling water for sure!

2023-07-23 18.43.48

This week back after vacay I really got back to cooking, but then after several nights of cooking I’m back to being burnt out with it.

2023-07-21 18.15.57

With that being said, when we got back from our trip, Rob was pretty sick. Caitlyn and Drew were so sweet to bring soup over for us that weekend.

2023-07-23 17.30.00

My little garden exploded the 2 weeks while we were gone. It is so thick and jungle-like, it’s going to be hard to harvest some of the fruits.

2023-07-20 16.44.49

Got all these though!

2023-07-20 12.54.42

Found we have lots Mexican Sour Gherkins almost ready to harvest.

2023-07-20 16.47.07

Across the street and a couple houses down they are clearing what was pretty thick woods on 1 or 2 of the lots and it has really changed the light that comes through. It’s sad actually.

2023-07-28 06.21.02

Rob and Drew and the dogs and I went for a walk Saturday morning. Rob and I met with some friends for lunch that morning to talk about the Walk to Emmaus and just catch up.

2023-07-29 09.08.27

Sunday we went out to Notasulga to see our friend guest preach at old country church. Very different, but interesting.

2023-07-30 08.20.47

2023-07-30 08.23.56

It’s always hard acclimating back to real life after vacation, but it went pretty well considering…

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