Watching on YouTube (April/May 24)

By | June 21, 2024

Watching on YouTube (June & July 23)

Here’s some of what I’ve been watching in April and May on YouTube.

Alia Zaita [475K subscribers – 216 videos] – NYC Lifestyle – Alia is a channel I haven’t watched too long, but I enjoy watching her journey through life in the Big Apple.

Eamon & Bec 1.27M subscribers – 392 videos] – Lifestyle – Eamon and Bec are starting to post a little more regularly. Fun to see them with their baby girl.

Faredrop with Sara and Tony 10.9K subscribers – 4 videos] – Travel – Faredrop is a new channel. Kara and Nate own Fare Drop and they recently had a competition to find YouTubers to be on this channel. I love Sara and Tony’s filming and editing style! They’re who I voted for.

Roots and Refuge Farm [628K subscribers – 1.4K videos] – Gardening/Homesteading – Jess is OG for me. Her spirit and inspiration keeps me coming back!

Emily E Cobb [3.54K subscribers – 130 videos] – NYC Lifestyle – Emily is a fairly new channel that I’ve added. She is starting to post more. I enjoy seeing how people live in New York City.

Monica Church [1.6M subscribers – 219 videos] – Lifestyle – Monica is another one that I’ve watched for years. She now splits time between Seattle and Palm Springs.

Cosmopolitan Cornbread [59.2K subscribers – 980 videos] – Gardening/Homesteading – Constance is another OG for me. Even though she moved from Alabama to Arkansas, I enjoyed following her life in the Ozarks.

Peter McKinnon [5.93M subscribers – 727 videos] – Photography – I haven’t really watched Peter in a couple years, but I’ve enjoyed his most recent videos about photography and Instagram.

Maddie Taylor [133K subscribers – 128 videos] – Lifestyle – Former Vanlifer, Maddie sold her van and moved to Germany!

Michel Janse [235K subscribers – 1K videos] – Lifestyle – California to Texas to back to California. Michel lives with Lupus, recently married for a 2nd time, this 20 something YouTuber is one of my favs.

Fun with Louis [2M subscribers – 1.9K videos] – Lifestyle – Louis is always up to something. He is now splitting time between Costa Rica and England as a dad of a 1 year old.

Allison Bickerstaff [396K subscribers – 700 videos] – Lifestyle – Allison is such a sweet soul. I enjoy watching her share her life from Florida.

The Endless Adventure [603K subscribers – 881 videos] – Traveling – I’ve talked about this channel with Eric and Allison multiple times. I started watching back when they were renovating Clementine, who is there old Winnebago RV. Looks like they may be quitting RB life now…

One thought on “Watching on YouTube (April/May 24)

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Wow, who knew (YOU did) there were so many things to watch on YouTube. I stick to trials. Ha!! Need to expand my horizons, I guess. Thanks for inspiring me.

    Meant to ask, have you found a new church home? My sister’s church voted to leave United Methodist. They are now a First Methodist Church. Have a new pastor and the church is thriving. Hope you have been as fortunate in finding a place to be fed and happy.


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