Watching & Listening – November & December 23

By | January 13, 2024

Here is a quick rundown of a few memorable things I’ve been watching and listening to the last couple months!

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Holiday AffairHoliday Affair
(Amazon Prime)


Holiday Affair
Charming seasonal clerk sees beautiful a woman in a fraudulent shopping scheme during the busy Christmas season. However, he later discovers that she is a war widow and single mother, he ends up taking pity on her and doesn’t turn her in. His supervisor finds out and fires him on the spot. The end up becoming friends and he meets her young son. All of this ends up complicating her plans to marry the guy she was dating at the time. Cute little Christmas black and white.

When Jen gets the chance to enter a brand-design contest, she poses as an influencer with a beautiful family. However, when she is chosen as a finalist, she’s conflicted between continuing her perfect “family” or revealing the truth. Yes, it is a cheesy Hallmark movie, but I kind of enjoyed it.

TV Shows

Shows Rob and I finished

Season 45 (CBS)

Amazing RaceAmazing Race
Season 35 (CBS)

Amazing RaceYellowstone
Season 4 (Paramount)



Big SugarBig Sugar


Coco Berthman StoryCoco Berthman Story

Big Sugar is an eye opening podcast about the harsh reality of the sugar harvesting process and how sugar was advertised to be ‘healthy’ at one time! Very interesting!!

Unrestorable examines how a mom can leave with her 2 kids. She returns without the kids, yet never gets convicted!! Mind-blowing to know that states have laws that protect those that are ‘unfit to stand trial’!

Coco Berthman Story is similar to Scamanda in that Coco says she has cancer when she really doesn’t. She also full of all sort of other lies. I haven’t finished this one yet, but anxious to see how it turns out.



Favorite Playlists
I listened to a lot of Christmas Jazz.

Favorite Song
I loved this song performed by Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra called Ban Ban Quere.

2 thoughts on “Watching & Listening – November & December 23

  1. Laura Bambrick

    Those podcasts sound really interesting! I haven’t gotten into podcasts-probably because I listen to so many books. But I think I need to!


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