Valentine’s Gift Gone Wrong…Again

By | February 18, 2012

This year the Friday before Valentine’s Day we had a lovely dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. Rob’s company paid for our dinner so we enjoyed a full 3 course meal. Here’s what we had:
Appetizer: Wild West Shrimp
Main Entres:
White Cheddar & Bacon Stuffed Filet (me)
Mashed Potatoes
Mixed Green Salad

Bacon Wrapped Filet (Rob)
Seasoned French Fries
Steakhouse Mac & Cheese

Dessert: LongHorn Dessert Sampler
It was an amazing dinner and we practically rolled out of there we were so full! Had leftovers to boot.

So on Valentine’s Day, I surprised him with gift hampers tasmania. I got a card from him and later in the day I got a package. It was addressed to me, so I opened it and it was a cute heart-shaped pillow that said “Daddys Sweetheart.”

Not the right pillow!

Now remember my niece was staying with me, so my first thought was maybe my brother-in-law had surprised her with this, but my sis-in-law had given us money to get her a balloon that was from both of them. So then, I think we’ll maybe it’s from Rob, although, I think it’s kind of sick to call your husband Daddy usnless your talking to your kids! So I called him and asked if he sent a pillow. And he was like, “Yeeeeeeeessss…why?”
“Well, it just got delivered.”
“What did it say?”
“Daddy’s Sweetheart”
Needless to say, he was not happy and told me to get ready to box it back up because that was NOT what it was supposed to say. This is a company that prides themselves on the personalization of their items.

Later that evening he told me that the correct pillow would be here Thursday. Thursday the box came and they had included 2 pillows as you see here. With the correct wording. So I guess whoever ordered “Daddys Sweetheart” didn’t get their pillow, which is probably a good thing since there is supposed to be an apostrophe!

Heart Pillows

I love Rob so much and after many years of not celebrating Valentine’s I’m happy that we now celebrate it. Even if his gifts don’t show up when they’re supposed to or end up being something other than what he ordered.

Rob actually posted about it on facebook:

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Gift Gone Wrong…Again

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  3. Joanne

    That is too funny! My husband has had two Christmases in a row now where my gifts have gone missing during shipping… luckily his Valentine’s one have always worked out.

    1. Lysha Post author

      Yeah, we had some Christmas gifts this year that were ‘guaranteed’ by Christmas, but didn’t make it.


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