Scavenger Hunt Sunday #7

By | February 19, 2012

Conversation Heart Pillows
Here you see my gift from Rob for Valentine’s Day. Keep an eye out for the funny story that goes along with this.

Jelly Fish
This weekend we went on a cub scout trip to the McWane Center in Birmingham, AL. What an awesome place! It’s a science museum that covers many types of sciences. I’ll be posting about this soon too. Anyway, the bottom floor was a favorite of many of the scouts. I love the Jelly Fish!

1st AU Baseball Game of the Season
Trending locally for me this weekend was AU Baseball. The boys and I went to the first game Friday afternoon. It was beautiful weather and they pulled out a win!

More signs of high school!
Teenager signed up for 9th grade classes and got this book that describes the courses and all the good stuff we need to know so he can graduate. I’m still not ok with this. 🙂

Here’s another pic from the McWane Center. Plastic gears.

4 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #7

  1. christine e-e

    TREND — baseball was a trend in my family – with my dad coaching Little League, mom working in the Snack Shack, me keeping the scorebook (girls weren’t allowed to play in those days), my brother playing, and little sister entertaining the crowds in the stands. Such a treasured memory – thanks for sharing.


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