By | November 25, 2006

How are y’all? Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We’re still in Florida. I left my camera USB cable at home so I’m not able to upload and edit and post pics like I’d like to. ACK! I’ll have TONS to do when we get home Monday night, and Tuesday, and Wednesday….hahaha!

Alex has been sick. He’s been off and on with his mood. We’ve had another dreadful task. I usually do medicine the lazy way and put it in his cups with no problems. But since we’ve been out of town, Rob decided Alex needed to be administered the meds by spoon like ‘it’s supposed to be done.’ This has turned out to be HELL! He screams and hollers and spits it out and it makes me sick to my stomach when we have to do it. Yesterday he took it good all but one good time and opened his mouth big and wide. Today the first 2 times we had to do the throwing a royal fit again so it was not fun. I was thankful that he took it good the 2nd time. Tomorrow we’re planning to go to the Tampa Zoo. And Monday we’re driving back home.

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