Mr. Destructive

By | November 10, 2006

That would be my Alex, my 2 year old. I have a list of things he’s done lately that have been completely destructive, but today tops it. I had gone in the other room to open the windows because it’s cool outside and warm inside. Then, Rob got home and I started talking to him. Alex brings me this black plastic thing and I’m like what is that? It turned out be one of the many keys off my keyboard that he ripped off. We were able to find all the keys and the little white plastic pieces that help them work correctly except one. So I am now missing one of my apple keys. And thanks to Rob, who was able to put the keys back on there. My space key doesn’t work very well, so I have to go back through and put all the spaces in. WHAT A PAIN! I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of the destruction, it was so sickening!

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