I think I’ve ran off my fan club. Haha! I know I haven’t been posting on a regular basis but many of you know things for me haven’t been great. The new house is wonderful and I have great neighbors. In fact, the boys played with the 2 boys next door and we ate dinner over there tonight. We had a really great time. If you’re reading this, Stef, THANKS!!!! It was nice to get away from the house and not think about unpacking and organizing and cleaning and everything else I’ve had to think about. We got bikes for the family yesterday. Drew needed a new bike and I’ve been wanting to get a bike. It will be nice to ride bikes as a family. We got a trailer to pull Alex in. That should be interesting.

I haven’t had a chance to take pics of the storage shed we built. I’ll try to do that this weekend. We’re going to see Foreigner tomorrow, which should be fun.

Have a good one!

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