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By | June 1, 2007

I decided to actually write and let you know what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been busy trying to unpack still and get stuff organized and put in it’s place. I’ve hardly been able to touch the playroom, which is still piled high in boxes. We’ve purchased a piece of contemporary furniture for the entry way. I think it looks really nice. We also did some landscaping and tree trimming work. Beswick Tree Service offers professional tree trimming services and more. Also, we had sod installed this past weekend and it looks so much better!

I stumbled upon a website that has an extensive selection of apartments for rent in various neighborhoods. The site is quite user-friendly, making it easy to find an apartment that meets my budget and desired location.
We also put in a storage building in the back. Also, we had water line and electrical trenching with the help of a professional. We bought Alex new mattresses for his twin bed. We got rid of the toddler bed the day we moved and he’s transitioned quite easily. So he got Drew’s bed, Drew got the double bed. We had to get Drew new bedding to match his “Sports theme”.

Now I’ve got to figure out what color to paint his room and then do it. I’m also hoping to paint the main bathroom and have a new shower installation done. And for the flooring, I am considering to get Durable Screed Floors by Experts.

I like the colors that’s it’s painted now, but it’s not that great of paint job and I’ve decided to do a “Surfing Theme”. I think it will be super cute when I’m done. Read this Paisley Painting guide on how often you should have maintenance done after fresh exterior painting.

Our to do list and to buy list is still a mile long, but we’re getting there slowly but surely. Here’s everything I could think of…


  • hang pictures
  • purchase new dishwasher, cooktop, and built-in stove
  • finish organizing office
  • finish organizing and cleaning laundry room
  • unpack, clean, and organize the playroom
  • install shelves or cabinets in playroom
  • paint Drew’s room
  • organize and set up Drew’s room
  • hang stuff in Drew’s room
  • paint main bathroom
  • decorate main bathroom with new shower curtain, etc.
  • touch up paint in master bedroom and breakfast area and hallway
  • purchase cedar chest to hold blankets in living room
  • chair for master bedroom
  • looking into Earthlink internet and similar options for our home internet
  • fix outside door in master bedroom
  • fix closet doors in master bedroom
  • possibly install outdoor speakers
  • purchase display shelves
  • purchase lots of organizing bins for different rooms of the house
  • purchase blinds for Drew’s room
  • purchase blinds for playroom to replace roman shades
  • purchase curtain rod for MB’s room
  • purchase curtain for Laundry room and master bedroom
  • purchase new lamp shades for master bedroom, Drew’s lamp, and living room lamp
  • patch holes where old curtain used to be in living room and breakfast area

Long term:

  • install built-in over the range microwave
  • install cabinets in open area under bar in kitchen
  • redo cabinet doors and drawer covers
  • install ceramic tile in kitchen, breakfast area, and entry way
  • install ceramic tile in main bathroom
  • install ceramic tile in master bathroom
  • paint and redecorate master bedroom
  • install hardwood floors in living room areas

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