Alex started school on Monday traditionally! Here he is before he drove off to school.


I was finally able to get a pic of Kayleigh with the Snapchat filter.

2020-08-10 19.22.50

Since Drew moved out, Alex was able to move over into his larger bedroom. No pics of that yet. I’ll show pics once he finished organizing stuff. So with Alex moving out of his room, that opened up the room for Rob to make an office as well as have an empty room for guests to stay in.

We went shopping Saturday to get desk. Here is Rob putting together his new desk.

2020-08-15 16.48.53


I’ve been having all the feels since Drew moved out. With that plus, Alex going back to school, during the day has been lonely and Tuesday especially I was just an emotional wreck. Many of my friends said I need to let it happen and that’s what I’ve been doing. Luckily I’m at work all next week, so by then I’ll probably be over it.

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