The last rolling of these trees

By | April 22, 2013

Although, we didn’t go to the rolling of Toomer’s Corner after A-day, I raced over there Sunday night just as the clean up crews got there to start cleaning up. Here’s a few shots:
toomerslastrolling - 09bw

I’ve written a bit about the trees already. I’m not sure any of my words have or could ever truly convey how special they really are to me and the rest of the Auburn Family.

toomerslastrolling - 10shiro

To most people this looks like a big mess, to the Auburn family this is beautiful!

toomerslastrolling - 24bw

Here’s a aerial shot of the crowd during the final rolling. Tell me people don’t love these trees and this tradition!

Source: via MagnoliaMom on Pinterest

Video made by an Auburn Alum that captured the day

See all the pics that I took that night here.

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