Texas Trip 2024 – Part 2

By | June 27, 2024

If you missed my first Texas post, you can click here.

The 2nd half of the trip was visiting with family. On Friday morning, Rob said his goodbyes to the conference people and we loaded the car. We had about an hour and half drive ahead of us. Before going all the way over to Weatherford, we stopped back in the North Richland Hills for lunch at Chan’s Mongolian Grill and then drove by my Granny’s old house and the the house I grew up in. Neither of which are part of my family anymore, but since Rob wasn’t with me last year when I went over there, he wanted to revisit that area briefly.

2024-04-26 12.14.51

2024-04-26 12.16.14

From there, we headed to my sister’s house. I was so excited to see everyone, but especially my niece that I hadn’t seen since last June. However, since I was still in my sling and wouldn’t be able to lift her even if I wasn’t. So that was a bummer. They did put her in my lap a couple times.


2024-04-26 14.16.26

We went to Rio’s for dinner. I loved the little spinner toy that Lu played with while we waited for our food.

2024-04-26 17.57.29

On Saturday, we got up and went to Braum’s for breakfast.

2024-04-27 10.21.15

Then, we made a stop at Chandor Gardens. This is a beautiful spot to check out if you’re needing something to do for an hour or 2 in Weatherford (small entrance fee).

2024-04-27 13.15.25

2024-04-27 12.55.07


2024-04-27 13.02.03

Back to Nikki’s house for more visiting.

2024-04-27 18.35.36

2024-04-27 14.00.05

My brother and his fiance were there to see me. Here’s my mom, me, Nikki with my niece (her daughter), and my brother. So mad we didn’t get a pic of Mel with his fiance. 🙁

2024-04-27 16.46.31

That evening we took Mel and Jen back to their place. Rob and I decided to go see where they used to film The Chosen (Capernaum Studios). You can’t see much from the road, but you can see how the landscape fits the show.

2024-04-27 19.59.15

2024-04-27 19.59.50

That evening my Aunt and Uncle got to the hotel and we met up with them in the lobby to chat a bit before we went up to the room. They had come into town for a birthday party and to visit with family.

Sunday we had breakfast and then headed over to Nikki’s.

2024-04-28 10.00.33

We enjoyed visiting and watch little Lu play. After a couple hours of that, we loaded up in several cars and went to Cheddar’s for lunch.

Uncle Brad and my mom

2024-04-28 15.18.21-1

Then, Uncle Brad and Aunt LeeAnn headed home. Rob and I went back over to Nikki’s for a little bit.

Around 4:00, I was feeling haggard and was ready to go back to the hotel, but I wanted to get a better picture of Lu and me together. Problem was is she was napping and she often doesn’t wake up in a great mood.

2024-04-28 15.52.54

I was happy we ended up with this shot.

2024-04-28 18.43.00eec

Rob and I decided to grab a quick bite before going back to the hotel. We ended up at Rosa’s Cafe.

2024-04-28 19.17.03

After talking to Rob’s dad, he decided on our way home we needed to make a detour down to MD Anderson in Houston to visit his dad. He’s undergoing an intense part of his cancer treatment and could use a visit from us. So the next day we got up early and headed down to Houston.

We had planned to be there for a couple hours, so we stopped for lunch at The Pit Room, which was really close.

2024-04-29 11.36.29

I had never been to MD Anderson. WOW! That place is overwhelming! I was so glad Rob had been here before, when he was in Texas last May to help his dad as he started his cancer treatment. This was a view from his floor.

2024-04-29 15.12.50

From there, we had a hotel in LaFayette, LA. Rob’s dad suggested we eat at Ole Thyme Grocery for some Shrimp Poboys.

2024-04-29 19.47.19

The next day was the last leg home.

2024-04-30 10.06.10

We stopped for some Meche’s Donut King. So good1!! Highly recommend.

2024-04-30 11.03.36

After lots of traffic, we finally made it home! Another great trip to Texas.

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3 thoughts on “Texas Trip 2024 – Part 2

  1. Tanya

    What a great trip to Texas. You are right the Texas Medical Center is huge. Grace had her research position there last summer (Baylor) and didn’t really like living down in that area. Very busy! Looks like you took that lovely (ha, ha) I-10 route back to Auburn.

  2. Leslie Susan Clingan

    That baby girl could not be cuter. Love the big bows and those adorable one-piece jumpsuits or onesies on her. No wonder you wanted to get some snuggles!!

    Those gardens in Weatherford are beautiful!! Everywhere we go, we never get to see things. We are always just visiting. I would love to spend a few hours in that pretty outdoor space. When we go home to Ohio to see PC’s family, we do the same old thing every visit. Would love to sightsee that part of the country a little.

    Hope Rob’s dad handles this part of his treatment plan well. I tell you, cancer treatment is about as bad as the disease itself. God bless him.

  3. Joanne

    That sounds like such a fabulous visit with family. Those gardens are lovely


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