T E N ?

By | January 18, 2008

10 years old already!

How can my older son be turning 10 already? Where has the time gone? On Wednesday the 23rd, Drew will be TEN!!! He’s got 7 boys over tonight for a sleep over. No I’m not insane, but I might be by the morning! LOL! I had a mushy post to write about the 10 years he’s been on Earth, but I’m not going with that right now. Maybe later when I don’t have 8 hollering boys downstairs, playing air hockey, and playing video games.

0 thoughts on “T E N ?

  1. BethC

    I am exhausted just thinking about that many boys in one house ALL NIGHT! I am not ready for those days yet.
    Happy birthday to the big 10 year old!


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