Resolutions 2008

By | January 1, 2008

So I know everyone is out there making their lofty list of new years resolutions (NYR). I found this article about the percentages of people who keep their resolutions. I think the main thing with NYR is that people make them on the first day of the year. Keep them on their mind for short time and end up forgetting about most of them by February or March. I did fairly well on a few of my NYR from last year. This year I hope to do stick with all of them. It’s also important to not have a laundry list, like I did last year! đŸ™‚ I’m going to be making my list sometime soon and I plan to do 5 or less goals. I think that these Tools to keep up with your New Years Resolutions, would be quite helpful. If you plan on making NYR this year, check those out and see if any of those are beneficial to you.

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