St. Louis Trip::Day 3

By | September 14, 2022

I am continuing to share about our St. Louis trip today. I ubered over to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. I was honestly just scared to take public transportation. I’m sure I would have been fine since it was daytime, but I still decided to Uber.

I am really into gardening and flowers and I knew I would enjoy seeing one of the oldest botanical institutions in the U.S. I didn’t do much research beforehand, but I did purchase the ticket ahead of time online ($14). I went in with the mindset I wanted to see the entire thing, but once I started exploring I realized this place is huge! 79 acres to be exact! I ended up almost covering the entire park getting a few (or more) pictures of each different garden.





There are just so many beautiful areas. One of the most unique spots in this garden is the Climatron. There you’ll see orchids, palms, and other exotic plants. The temperature stays above 80 degrees with high humidity.




There were a couple Dale Chihuly blown glass pieces inside the Climatron. This chandelier and the ‘heron’ shaped works of art in the next pic.



Another area that I really enjoyed was the 14-acre Japanese Garden, which contains traditional elements like a large lake, foot bridges, and lanterns.




I was at the gardens for about 2 and half hours and probably would have stayed longer, but I was getting really hungry. My next stop was the Delmar Loop.

The Loop is happenin’ street with lots of food options and entertainment spots. As you walk down the sidewalks, you’ll find the St. Louis Walk of Fame were celebrities have stars similar to Hollywood Boulevard.



There is also a statue of Chuck Berry.


My main purpose ubering over Delmar Loop and first and foremost was food! I decided on Fitz’s


This is the downstairs. They also have seating and another bar upstairs. The bar upstairs sells adult drinks!


I got the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. It was good and quite spicy.


Fitz’s is known for their root beer and other craft sodas that they bottle right there at the restaurant. I knew if I finished my sandwich, there was not way I could eat a root beer float, but I really wanted one. I finally decided on the Everest Special and it was so yummy! I don’t drink any type of soda anymore, so drinking root beer was an adjustment, but delicious.

4.26.2022--13.18.17 copy


I was sad that they weren’t bottling at that location.


That evening Rob has a vendor event that I got to go to. It was networking event at Flamingo Bowl with food, drinks, and bowling. We stayed a couple hours and walked back to the hotel.



See all the pics from that day here>>>>Day 3 in St. Louis

4 thoughts on “St. Louis Trip::Day 3

  1. Joanne

    That botanical garden looks amazing! That Japanese garden area would be a favorite for me too.

  2. Carol

    A wonderful garden (the photo with the bridge looks like Monet’s garden in Giverny except different plants) and a lot of variety. I love that Pink Flamingo decor, a little art nouveau. Just looking at that drink with all the cream and icecream makes me feel a little sick…

  3. Kelly

    Joanne shared that you were recapping your STL trip. I’m so glad you had a great time! I love seeing others visit my hometown. Fitz’s is one of my favorites!

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