St. Louis Trip::Clydesdale VIP Tour [Day 4]

By | September 15, 2022

Today I’m sharing another adventure while we were in St. Louis. We took an uber over to the Budweiser Brewery for the Clydesdale VIP Tour.

When you get there you check in at the counter and then you can hang out in the display area and look and read about the history of the company and how their beer is made.

And just so I can remember COVID related stuff, these next two pictures are cute.

When its time for the tour to start, they lead you out through the back doors. There you see the Clydesdale Semis that they travel in as well as some of the Clydesdales themselves.


They definitely ride in style, complete with horsing equipment like western saddle, Leather halter, etc. No doubt these horses are treated like royalty.

After hearing about their travels and all the rules they follow to keep the horses safe and healthy, we headed around to the front of the stable. Yes, a stable with stain class!

In the center of the stable is a big open area, where all the different wagons.

From that center area, you look through arched openings of all the stalls.

And excited was I to look over and see the Dalmatian checking us out!

This is the view looking towards at the front entrance from the saddle room.

You can have a couple beers straight out of cooler right there in the stable.

This is the saddle the where in the fancy saddle room.

From there you go into the area right in front of the stalls, where one of the handlers has a Clydesdale there for you to get up close and personal with!

They gave us plenty of time to ask questions, pet them, and take pictures. So good!

When everyone has had plenty of time to take all the pictures and ask all the questions, they take you back into the main building, where they serve you a beer from tap. Then, you are free to look at the displays and go to the gift shop.

I cannot recommend this tour enough. In fact, it was so good, I would do it again. I think everyone would get something out of it even if you’re not a fan of Budweiser.

You can follow the Clydesdales on FB, of course! Budweiser Clydesdales

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3 thoughts on “St. Louis Trip::Clydesdale VIP Tour [Day 4]

  1. Missy

    What an awesome experience! Silly me – I had no idea that Clydesdales were SO BIG! My husband would be allll over this tour!

  2. Joanne

    Oh so fun! We have toured the Anheuser-Busch factory in NH and while that tour was more on how beer is made they do have a couple of Clydesdales in the barns and since my sister was with us we just had to go check them out. It was so neat seeing them– and we didn’t even get up and close like you did!!


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