Simple Summer Recipe Ideas

By | July 1, 2021

Summer has arrived and temperatures are soaring. Often the foods we decide to eat change when the weather gets hotter. So you may be wondering what delicious summer recipes you can make in the weeks and months coming up. Here are just a few ideas that you might want to try and enjoy yourself!

Simple Summer Recipe Ideas

Ice Cream Cones
If you’re looking for something really simple to enjoy in the heat, give ice cream cones a try. You can keep things really simple and pick up some store bought ice cream in your favorite flavors and some ice cream cones. Generally waffle cones are the best as they are thick and can hold ice cream without getting soggy. Then make things exciting by offering different sauces and options to dip your ice cream in. You could try strawberry, raspberry or chocolate syrups. You could set up a bowl of sprinkles, a bowl of chopped nuts and more! If you want to go all out, you can give making your own ice cream a try. Generally for this an ice cream machine is used. This gives you more control over flavors.

Ice Cream Cake
Ice Cream cakes are another yummy option for larger groups. These are typically no bake cakes. However, they can sometimes be made into more elaborate layer cakes with ice cream between layers of sponge cake. Perhaps the most popular form when it comes to ice cream cakes is the three-layer cake with a layer of ice cream between two layers of cake. You can find out more on how to make ice cream cake here.

Simple Summer Recipe Ideas

Popsicles are cool and refreshing. You can find a huge variety of store bought options, but they are quite easy to make as well. Popsicle molds are widely available on online, so invest in some molds. Then it’s as simple as filling your molds with your chosen juices. You may even want to incorporate some small pieces of whole fruit if you want to go all out. Often berries work well when doing this.

Heavy foods tend to be better suited for the colder winter months. When it comes to summer meals, you might be in search of something a little lighter. Salads are a great option and they don’t have to be boring! Consider some alternative salads that incorporate unique and enjoyable ingredients, such as walnuts, cheeses, delicious dressings, peach slices, and more. Make sure to prepare your salads close to the time you’re planning on eating them. If you prepare them too far in advance, you may find that they begin to wilt or get soggy before you can enjoy them.

These ideas are all relatively simple to follow and can make your summer days more enjoyable and refreshing. Hopefully some of the suggestions work for you and you get to enjoy them!

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