September Monthly Musings-Fall & Halloween

By | September 25, 2020

Today I’m sharing Monthly Musings for September.


My favorite Fall tradition?
My favorite things about fall is decorating as well as all the fall candles. And of course cheering on our Auburn Tigers.

Auburn vs. ULM
My favorite Halloween tradition?
I am just not a big fan of Halloween itself. My kids always enjoyed dressing up and really enjoyed giving out candy more than trick or treating itself.

Halloween 2005
I was a Pinterest mom before there was Pinterest! LOL!
Halloween 2005

Mummy Pin/Magnet
What will Halloween look like for this year for you and your family?
If trick or treating is allowed, I’m sure Alex will put a mask on and give out candy.

Share your favorite fall recipes
Caramel-toffee apples

Caramel Toffee Apples:This recipe makes caramel in a crockpot. Caramel-toffee apples are so easy to make, yummy, and also easier to eat than regular candied apples.
Favorite Fall fashion staples?
If it got cold enough here, I’d be a cute sweater, jeans, and boots. However, I’m usually still wearing shorts with an Auburn t-shirt. I also love wearing black nail polish to add to the look. If you’re someone who experiences allergic reaction to gel polishes, I suggest you visit to find out what to do.

Favorite Halloween costume?
Elmo was the cutest!

Halloween 2006
Favorite Halloween candy?
I love chocolate regardless of the time of year. I do love me some Candy Corn mix

2020-09-25 14.39.10
Favorite family Halloween movie?
Ghostbusters, Casper, and The Haunted Mansion

Scary Movies? Yes or No?
Not really a fan of scary movies. Prefer suspense movies to scary ones.

Favorite Fall beverages?
I’m not a coffee drinker, so I feel like that knocks me out of having a good answer for this. I don’t drink anything special in the Fall.

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13 thoughts on “September Monthly Musings-Fall & Halloween

  1. Tanya

    Yes, I was a Pinterest mom before Pinterest too! Did you ever get Family Fun magazine? I used to get so many fun ideas from that. Have a good week!

    1. Lysha Post author

      I totally did! I had completely forgotten about how much I loved that magazine. WOW! It’s crazy the things you forget as time goes on.

  2. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Oh, my, those apples look so good. Absolutely going to make them. A pal had eating caramel apples on her fall bucket list and I decided that had to be something I do, too. I like the idea of having apple slices instead of biting into a whole apple with these 62 year old teeth.

    Come try my Mexican hot chocolate for a possible favorite fall beverage. It is so good!!

  3. Shea

    I’m not a big Halloween person either. Of course I’ll get my kids dressed up and go trick or treating with them (or whatever we end up doing this year!) and we’ll read some Halloween books, but otherwise we don’t do much. I don’t like scary movies either!

  4. Patty

    Your Halloween treats are just the cutest and I also love a little Autumn Mix.

    Thanks for joining Holly and me for our link up.


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