Scout Expo 2012

By | May 13, 2012

Saturday we dropped Drew off at a friend’s house as he would be riding up with another player for the 3rd game of state cup. The rest of us ventured over to Columbus, GA for part of a day. It was the 2nd Annual Scout Expo. Pack 29 didn’t have a booth, but we wanted to go check out the expo.

Lots of fun activities, from mystery boxes to making carpenter bee houses.
ScoutExpo-May2012 - 87

Aubie showed up to join in on the fun
ScoutExpo-May2012 - 01

Life size Angry Birds
ScoutExpo-May2012 - 81

ScoutExpo-May2012 - 26

Miniature size Angry Birds
ScoutExpo-May2012 - 24

Making rope
ScoutExpo-May2012 - 17

Cool car
ScoutExpo-May2012 - 13

Although, Drew wasn’t able to attend the expo his troop was there with a primitive cooking exhibition. They demonstrated a rotisserie powered by stationary bike, bread on a stick, egg in an orange, and box oven pizzas.
ScoutExpo-May2012 - 42

Lots of great activities even for the families not involved in the scouting program! If you have one of these in your area, I highly recommend you checking it out!
ScoutExpo-May2012 - 59

Post from last year’s Scout Expo.

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