Welcome to Travel Tuesday! This week’s spot is Schlitterbahn.

Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, TX

Another detour while traveling in Texas included a stop in New Braunfels, TX, which is about 50 south of Austin and about 30 miiles northwest of San Antonio. New Braunfels is the home of the “World’s Best Waterpark”, Schlitterbahn! Growing up in Texas, you would have thought I’d gone there. However, in many ways I was a bit of a sheltered child… 🙂

Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, TX

The park is divided into a 2 main sections; East and West. The main entrance is on the west side of the park, which is the original Schlitterbahn built in 1979. The west side is still a favorite of 1,000s of visitors each year. Some of the popular attractions on the west side include; The Beach, Polywog Pond, and the Bahnzia Pipeline. However, make sure you save time to go to the East side of the park by riding the free tram. The east side of the park is divided into 3 sections; Blastenhoff, Tubenbach, and Surfenburg. The east side of the park boasts many exhilarating rides.

The Masterblaster which you will find in the Blastenhoff section has been voted the “Best Water Ride in the World!”  There are many other scream-curdling rides in this section of the park as well.  The Sky Coaster is another favorite, but there is a charge for riding that one.

I am not a fan of the thriller rides, so I really enjoy the Deluge which can be found in the Tubenbach section; as well as the Kristal River, which can be found in the Surfenburg part of the East side.

Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, TX

Schlitterbahn has free parking and you can bring your own food in. One thing we were unprepared for with a little one is that no child regardless of age or size can ride in someone’s lap! Be prepared if you have a child too young to ride on their own, that someone will have to hang out with the lil’ one while others ride the rides. They do have a really nice kid area great for toddlers. Read more on their FAQ page here.

Click here to see a printable map of the park.

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