Reason #1,670 that I love living in Auburn

By | April 30, 2012

I just love living in Auburn. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We are so lucky to live here for so many reasons. When we’re visiting other towns and they have city events like this and they charge, I just feel so thankful that every spring I know we can go just down the road and enjoy a day of free fun and entertainment. Live music, other live entertainment, bouncy houses for the kids, lots of free stuff, art vendors, yummy food. It’s great! This year the boy scouts had a booth, which I talked about here.

Here’s a few pics that I took.
AuburnCityFest2012 - 156

AuburnCityFest2012 - 004

AuburnCityFest2012 - 003

AuburnCityFest2012 - 044

AuburnCityFest2012 - 056

AuburnCityFest2012 - 066

AuburnCityFest2012 - 074

AuburnCityFest2012 - 079

AuburnCityFest2012 - 115

AuburnCityFest2012 - 141

AuburnCityFest2012 - 166

AuburnCityFest2012 - 169
See all the pics from the day here.

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