Our Tree {2011}

By | December 20, 2011

ChristmasTree2011 - 14

I promised you some pics of the tree decorated. So here ya go. She’s a little on the short side and nice and wide. Yah, she fits riiiiight in. 😉 She’s perfect for our front room that luckily is quite roomy.

ChristmasTree2011 - 19

DaisyChristmas2011 - 12

This is my new ornament that I got at our Sunday School class party. Every year we do an ornament dirty Santa.

ChristmasTree2011 - 20

I don’t think I ever showed the one I got last year, so here it is.

ChristmasTree2011 - 11

My Mom included 3 of my Granny’s Santa Coke Ornaments. Here’s 2 of them. I guess Granny doesn’t put up a tree anymore, so that’s why my Mom had them and she’s now passed them on to me. I absolutely love Santa Coke stuff.

ChristmasTree2011 - 08

ChristmasTree2011 - 09

Here’s my ‘bride’ barbie ornament that my Aunt Brandi gave me as a wedding gift. There’s a Rob to go with it, just didn’t snap a shot of it.
ChristmasTree2011 - 05

Angel tree topper
ChristmasTree2011 - 03

In the light
ChristmasTree2011 - 01

Played around with movement

ChristmasTree2011 - 25

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