Handmade Gifts

By | December 16, 2011

I made these handmade gifts for my coworkers. They are super easy and super inexpensive. I think for a set of 4, it cost about $1.40. I had lots of fun choosing the paper for each person that reflected their personalities. They were quite a hit.

*Remember to allow 30 days before using the coasters for HOT stuff.

CoastersCraft - 3

Mod Podge
Foam paint brushes
Paint scraper
Scrapbook paper
Ceramic tiles
Felt or felt feet

1. Cut the paper to fit the tile. I used a scrapbook paper cutter.
2. Use a paintbrush to spread the Mod Podge on the paper. Smooth out the paper with the paint scraper. Get all the bumps out, which squeezes out lumps of glue, and makes it smooth.
3. Let the paper dry securely and then, spread a thin coat of mod podge over the entire coaster. Wait until it dries and apply another coat. It needs at least 4 coats.
4. Coat with 2 coats of polyurethane.
5. Add the felt feet.

CoastersCraft - 2
Finishing up with the polyurethane coating.

CoastersCraft - 1
Putting on the felt feet.

CoastersCraft - 5

CoastersCraft - 6
I made the tags by printing straight on to old file folders and then cutting them out.

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