Open House at the Kindergarten

By | August 28, 2009

I’ve gotten in a rut lately of not posting especially posting personal happenings. I really need to get back to that since that is what this blog was intended for. Anyway, last night was open house at the Kindergarten with Alex. I had already met his teacher at “Meet the Teacher Night,” but open house give them more of an opportunity to explain how things are structured, etc. I already had a good feel for how I thought she would run things, just based on how the room was set up and things that Alex had told me.

Sitting in those teeny little chairs for almost an hour though is not the most comfortable thing in the world. Haha! She of course gave us a packet that explained a lot about how she does things, which is good since Rob wasn’t there to hear. I also love it since I’m such a “keep-sakes” kind of person, it will definitely be something that goes in his book for Kindergarten! She explained that In K they have a developmental checklist instead of a report card and that this year there is going to be a great deal more expected of these little ones. They will be have to be able to read a lengthy list of site words, which means being able to READ before leaving K. This is very different from when Drew was in K. He left K without reading. Reading wasn’t something that I expected him to be doing before 1st grade so I wasn’t upset. Although, I know several of his friends came out of K reading. I knew he would have no problems in 1st grade.

As I looked around the room as she talked I was happy to see lots of “opinion” charts. I love doing these type activities. I saw that his favorite color is green. I also saw that from their author study last week, his favorite Keven Kenkes‘ book is Sheila Rae, the Brave. I can’t wait to go back after they’ve started their theme to see what they have made and how everything will be so decorated up with their creations. It’s just amazing what they do with those little ones!

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