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By | June 25, 2010

So this blog seems to be turning into a cruise blog and I’m sorry to those of you who think of cruising as a ridiculous way to travel. Since we can’t take any big vacations now, it’s just been so therapeutic for me to write these cruising entries. I do plan to do some other travel posts, too. Anyway, so what else have we been up to now that it’s summer. Well….

This week Drew has been at Boy Scout camp and will return tomorrow. Here’s a couple pics before he left.

Heading to Boy Scout Camp

Heading to Boy Scout Camp

After leaving the Scout Hut, we took Alex to his Grandparent’s house for a stay-cation. While we were up there we met our new nephew and Alex got to play with his other 2 cousins.


Playing with Cousins

Playing with Cousins

This time with both kids away has given me time to work on my job search and just go full force with trying to make something happen on the job front. I’m hoping that putting in this extra effort will give me more opportunities. Please pray that it will. After all, I need a vacation! And I have to work so I can actually take a vacation, right? 🙂 And once again, I digress.

On Tuesday, my Dad dropped in for a quick visit. He’s been an official for RAAM again this year and on his way back he usually tries to stop by. We enjoyed the visit with him and look forward to seeing him again soon. I know he was bummed that the boys were away.

Last Friday, Pack 29 had their June Pack Meeting. It was held at the Forest Ecology Preserve. Alex is now a cub scout!

June Pack Meeting

June Pack Meeting

Last week was VBS. Alex attended and Drew and I volunteered. Drew helped in the recreation station and I was with a 4th grade bunch. Here’s a few pics from VBS. See all pics here.

Snack time

Arts, Crafts, and Missions Station

Follow Up

Drew is running cross-country for school next year, so he’s been training with the high school/jr. high teams every morning at 6:45. Rob, Alex, and I have also gone walking during the time that Drew is running.

Other happenings of this summer include trying to stay cool, watching movies, enjoying being with each other (or at least trying), and before you know it we’ll be getting ready for school. How’s your summer going?

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