October 2022 Monthly Musings-Thanksgiving Prep

By | October 27, 2022

Today I’m linking up for Monthly Musings for October with Patty & Holly.

October 2022 Monthly Musings-Thanksgiving Prep

1. Do you host Thanksgiving or go somewhere else? I typically do not host. We either go to my mother-in-law’s or my sister-in-law’s depending on who’s in town. Sometimes my in-laws go visit other family for Thanksgiving.

This is a pic of my sis-in-law’s kitchen from last year.

2021-11-25 15.55.43

2. What dishes do you make or contribute? Everyone always wants me to make my Praline Sweet Potatoes.


A couple years ago no one was bringing dressing or gravy so I decided to try a new dressing. This Andouille Cajun Dressing is amazing! I also made this Cajun Gravy that is delish as well.



Rob is always in charge of the deep fried cajun turkey.

2021-11-25 22.44.01


3. What is your favorite Thanksgiving recipes and will you share with us?
The 3 recipes in the question above are my favs! I also love the fried turkey.

I had forgotten until I started writing this post that I did a Thanksgiving Recipe roundup post with a collection of all my favorite recipes.

4. What are your Thanksgiving traditions?
We like to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and then, we typically go over to where ever we’re having our Thanksgiving meal and hang out with family.

Here’s some fam hanging out on the wrap around porch at my in-law’s house back in 2020.


5. Stuffing or dressing? Dressing
I used to make this Apple Cornbread Dressing, but now like I mentioned earlier I make this Andouille Cajun Dressing.

6. Pumpkin, pecan, or apple pie? Pecan pie
My sis-in-law and her girls make the pies. They usually make several pumpkin and apple pies. I sometimes bring something pecan.

Last year I made these Pecan Bites and they were so easy and so yummy! This is a recipe similar to the one I used. I need to post it on here!

2021-11-24 12.51.52

I used to always make these Pecan Pie Bars.

#thanksgiving #dessert Pecan Pie Bars on the blog soon!

7. Casual dining or set the table? Casual…During COVID some of us didn’t even sit at table. We were spread out on the wrap around porch.


8. Favorite beverages to serve with Thanksgiving dinner? Nothing special usually. However, last year I made this spiked Thanksgiving punch. Can’t seem to locate the recipe for that right now.

2021-11-24 15.56.00

9. Do you shop Black Friday? No

10. Holiday movie or football games? We live in an SEC university town…so no doubt, football! (I do love Christmas movies though and am always so anxious to start watching them.)

Auburn vs. ULM

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7 thoughts on “October 2022 Monthly Musings-Thanksgiving Prep

  1. Laura

    This was a fun post to read! We have started hosting the past few years and like it so we make quite a few things! I’m definitely chekcing out some of these recipes you mentioned!

  2. Joanne

    So many yummy recipes shared; those praline sweet potatoes sound so good!

  3. Patty

    Those sweet potatoes look amazing and can we talk about that dressing? I love everyone posting their Thanksgiving cocktails. Thanks for joining us this month.


  4. Natasha

    Okay, I’m vegetarian but I want to try that turkey! It sounds amazing!!! Do you think tofu would substitute well for turkey?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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