My Earliest Childhood Memory

By | April 12, 2024

I write privately in a journal app called Day One. They have a lot of series that you can join in and add to your journal, which I think are a lot of fun. Gives me something else to write about besides the normal day to day happenings.

I decided since I’m going to be out of commission for bit that I would share some of those entries here and schedule them now, which I’m recovering for surgery. This most recent challenge is about your Personal History.

What are my earliest childhood memories?
I’m not sure which are actual memories or memories I remember from photos, so I’ve been really trying to rack my brain to try to differentiate.

I remember going to day care at a church either on Davis Blvd or Grapevine Hwy in the North Richland Hills area. What I remember most about that is walking through the long, dark hallways. The distinct smell (like cleaning solution and poop) sticks with me even today! Anytime I smell that, I am brought back to those mornings, when I was scared and didn’t want to go.

I’m thinking I was maybe 4 at this time. I think it was really the first time I had been away from family and I didn’t like it. I think I even cried and possibly even threw a royal fit. Here’s a picture from around that time in my life…

Kent-ography #5

One thought on “My Earliest Childhood Memory

  1. Joanne

    I often wonder which are real memories and which are from stories I’ve heard and pictures I’ve seen too. But I’m guessing that any memory with smell attached to it must be real! Hope you are recovering well from your surgery.


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