Carnival Horizon 2022 – Little Havana and more

By | June 27, 2022

Today is the last Carnival Horizon post! This post is covering the day we got off the ship and what we did afterwards.

Disembarkation day is never fun, but it really seemed to go better this time. The day before we picked up luggage tags. If memory serves there is an early group and later group. We picked the later group. However, I think everyone has to be off the ship by like 11am. I know its been forever since we’ve cruised, but again I thought it went easier and much less chaotic. We were off the ship, collected our luggage, and through customs by 10am.


We had to get an Uber to the hotel where Rob’s mom’s car was parked. Once we got to the hotel, Rob’s mom and step dad waited for us there, while we took the free airport shuttle to the airport to try and get our luggage that we never got before or during the cruise.

Hallelujah! Our luggage was there! Then we went and got a rental car because we were going to be in Miami till the next morning. From there we raced back to the hotel so we could give all our luggage except one carry-on item to Rob’s parents, so we didn’t have to check any luggage on our flight back the next day.


We checked into our hotel, got in the rental car, and took off for the day. We ate lunch…don’t remember where and headed over to Little Havana. Such a cute and happening place!


Little Havana


I just loved all the art. Murals, painted roosters, and more!




We saw this Churro place and people walking around with some and decided to stop in for some. They were delish!



A little later we walked back by a place called Ball and Chain and decided it was a must stop for a couple of Mojitos.


So many places to eat and drink!

Tropical Park

After leaving Little Havana we stopped off at Tropical Park and walked around. Rob then had a great idea.



Lake Okeechobee

Rob decided to see if we could make it down to Pahokee, FL for sunset. This is the city located on the shore of Lake Okeechobee and is about 100 miles from Miami. We literally found a place on the lake, parked and ran out to see the sun drop in the sky in like 2 minutes. Sunset is fast when you’re that south!




On the way back to the hotel, we finally ended up at a Firebirds Wood Fired Grill in Hollywood, FL. We tried several times to stop at Chili’s because we love those and don’t have one in our town. We got flat out ignored or told there would be a 45 minute wait when there were empty tables.

We had never been to a Firebirds before, but it was really good.


The next morning, we got up at crack-a-dawn to catch our flight home. I was nervous we weren’t going to take off but we finally got to leave and made it home!

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2 thoughts on “Carnival Horizon 2022 – Little Havana and more

  1. Laura Bambrick

    I haven’t been on a cruise in forever! All of your photos have me wanting to go again. They are so fun. I love the sunset photos especially. It sounds like you made a lot of great memories!

  2. Joanne

    That sunset is amazing! Other than the huge snafu with your luggage it really does sound like you had an amazing time on your cruise and got to explore so many wonderful new places.


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