Being a mindful traveler can be tough. It’s easy to get wrapped up in getting the most of out of your vacation and forget that people actually live and work where you’re visiting. It is possible to learn how to become a more thoughtful and caring traveler no matter where you’re headed, but it can take a little time and energy to ensure you aren’t leaving your mark everywhere you go. Here’s a couple easy ideas to implement on your next travels.

Mindful Travel Tips For The Conscious Explorer

Don’t Choose Huge Chain Hotels
A great way to become a more mindful traveler is by avoiding big chain hotels that are riddled with international branding. Rather than funding a huge corporation who likely pays their local staff minimum wage, choose an independent business instead that’s supported by a family so you know where your money is going. Opting for cabin rentals, camping or even house shares will help you to become a much more conscious traveler, and you’ll even get a better opportunity to mix with local people and therefore experience local culture.

Leave Only Footprints
A big issue with tourists and travelers around the world is trash. The piles of rubbish that get left behind after a gang of vacationers descend on any location is often unbelievable, as you simply wouldn’t imagine that so much trash could come from just a few people. The responsibility is on you to leave only footprints whenever you head off on vacation, as dropping rubbish can damage the local ecosystem while encouraging the area to look dirty and unkept. A mindful traveler is one that leaves no trace, so you must always think about the trail that lays behind you.

Drive Carefully
With the use of GPS, Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc. that are often used while traveling, we have to be mindful that those tools often take us through innocent neighborhoods and backroads with abundant wildlife. Be cautious as you traverse these areas for obvious reasons. While taking advantage of these less traveled areas, ensure that you aren’t speeding or driving carelessly. Often when traveling we are so anxious to get somewhere we forget how we could be affecting the area we’re passing through.

Learning how to become a mindful traveler has never been such a simple project when you can take the time to utilize some of the conscious tips and tricks that have been carefully detailed above. It takes a lot of consideration to become a good traveler, but you’ll be able to experience a guilt free trip that doesn’t have a disastrous effect on mother nature, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and book your next vacation now!