Memories of the Month {3.2013}

By | March 31, 2013

This month I was happy about: Drew making Honor’s Band for next year.

This month I was sad about: the Elton John concert cancelled 2 hours before the concert.

Something I accomplished this month was: getting my bedroom clean and organized.

Something new I did was: get an anti-biotic shot. Don’t think I’ve ever had one of those before.

This year I’m going to rate the books & movies. Here’s my rating system:
♥ ♥ = Love it! A must read/see!
♥ = Really good! Highly recommend.
✓ ✓ = Good, not great
✓ = Not much to talk about
X = Awful. Total waste of time

Books I read were:
Write Your Family Story – Leaving a Living Legacy by Judy Wright &#10003 (free download on Kindle)
Why?: Making Sense Of God’s Will by Adam Hamilton ♥
Final Words: From the Cross by Adam Hamilton (studied in Sunday School) ♥
The Southern And Southwestern Cookbook by Melanie De Proft &#10003 &#10003
Country Cooking by Katharine Weiler &#10003 &#10003
The Southern Cook Book of Fine Old Recipes by Lillie S. Lustig &#10003 &#10003
Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer &#10003 &#10003
Cold Tangerines: Celebrating the Extraordinary Nature of Everyday Life by Shauna Niequist (still reading…love it so far!)
Praying for Strangers by River Jordan
(still reading…love it so far!)

Movies I watched were:

TV Shows I watched were:
McLeod’s Daughters (Netflix: currently on Season 6)
Criminal Minds
CSI New York
NCIS: Los Angeles
The Bachelor: Season 17
Hawaii Five-0

My favorite song this month was: Standing in the Hall of Fame.

What I remember about work was: being angry with a certain co-worker who interrupts me.
A lesson I learned this month was: that Elton John will cancel a concert for a stomach bug! 🙁

A friend and I: were too busy to get together.

My favorite pic (not previously posted) that I took was:
Daisy lickin' her chops while she enjoys her funny

I cooked: a boston butt that was so good!
The boys were: really well behaved during spring break while I was sick in bed.
My husband was: busy with B&G banquet stuff and working Emmaus.

The thing I’ll remember most from this month was: being sick for an entire week and missing work and missing my kids’ spring break.

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